should I start writing

If you have ever asked yourself this question, the answer is a resounding yes! Start writing, today if you have a few minutes. Begin the journey of creation. I’m not Brandon Sanderson, J. K. Rowling, or Tolkien, but I have enjoyed (almost) every minute of writing since I began a few years back with my friend and my sister. I’ve always been an avid reader, but writing is something that I got into only a few years back. Here’s my story.

A writer is someone who writes. 

That’s it, that’s all it takes to become a writer. You just have to write, and I definitely think you should.

Why You Haven’t Started Writing

Should I start writing

You’re here because you want to write, but most likely you have some doubts, some sort of reservation keeping you from putting those first words down on the page. Every writer ever has had similar doubts.

  • I don’t know where to start.
  • I don’t have any training, I haven’t taken writing classes.
  • I don’t want to write a huge book.
  • Are my ideas any good?
  • Will people like what I have to write?
  • There is a lot I don’t know about writing. How do I write dialogue, build scenes, or create believable characters?

This list goes on and on. Doubts will always plague us when we are wanting to start something new. Writing is no different

“Doubting yourself is normal, letting it stop you is a choice.” – Mel Robbins –

Why You Should Start Writing

don't be afraid to start writing

Instead of focusing on the reasons you might feel to not write, focus on these things instead.

  • There are absolutely no limits to what you can write about. Writing covers all genres, interests, hobbies, passions, and experiences that you can possibly imagine. 
  • Writing allows you to create. At your fingertips you can create worlds, discover magic, change history, bring characters to life, and transport readers anywhere in time. 
  • Writing has many forms. Not every writer wants to or will write a novel. Stories can take on any shape and size, pocket stories, short stories, novellas, graphic novels, novels, and epic novels. Stories can be standalone, or written as a series. 
  • Writing stories is fulfilling. Coming up with an idea, developing that idea through trial and error, and seeing it come to a conclusion is an amazing feeling. 
  • Learning to write is a constant journey of discovery. Writing as a whole has developed and evolved throughout the centuries and we can always be learning from other writers. 

Now that it’s been decided that you should start writing, here are a few helpful resources to help you get started.

How I got Started Writing

Learn the Writing Craft

Writing Styles: Plotter Vs Pantser

3 Ways To Get Inspired

If you have an idea and would like some input, feel free to reach out in the comments below or send me a message.

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