When I first saw this prompt, my mind immediately went to a love story idea. But I wanted to write something a little different, something more in line with what I like. So here you go!

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Prompt: Write about two people seeing each other for the first time ever. 

Holding his breath, he could feel his heart throbbing in his chest. Cool droplets of sweat coalesced on his forehead. Ever so slowly, he wiped his forehead with his sleeve. Already soaked with sweat, it did little more than smear. 

Ten years. That’s how long he had waited for this day. He had replayed what he would do over and over in his mind, preparing himself physically, and mentally to do what he had promised. 

Quietly he slid back the small panel in the wall concealing a peep hole. Confused, he pressed his eye up to the hole, then it hit him. Someone was standing in front of the hole, blocking his view of the throne room. 

Almost as if they felt his need, the person shifted.

The scene before him was just as he had been told. Three large banquet tables, laden with food, filled the grand hall. At the head of the middle table sat the King. To his right sat the queen, and to his left…

There he was, exactly as he envisioned. Black hair flowed down to his shoulders, a stark  contrast to his pale skin. Just above his left eye a pink scar stood out, the only flaw in his impeccable features.

Summoning his magic he drew in a breath, infused the air inside him with power and blew on the wall. Rather quickly the hole enlarged, a gust bursting forth, spraying small splinters out into the hall. People screamed and stumbled in their haste to get away from the hole in the wall. His magic infused breath widened the hole enough for him to step through. 

All eyes came to rest upon him. A fear filled the looks of everyone, but the fear was only surface level, they were scared, the same way they would be if a fire broke out in the kitchen. 

Darent’s eyes were focused solely on the man next to the king. He saw the fear in his eyes transform. The fear crept from his eyes and burrowed deeper, chilling his heart before it rested deep within his soul. Darent smiled. The man recognized him. He had never seen Darent in person, but he had his parents’ unmistakable blonde hair, and black eyes. He was the last mage. 

Satisfied that the man knew who he was, he spoke a single word. An arrow of light appeared before him and shot forward, faster than an eyeblink. It passed through the man’s chest, and out the back of his chair. Gone as quickly as it came.

With a nod towards the King, Darent turned around and walked back through the hole in the wall. Not a single person moved to stop him.

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