Short Story - Planet Writing Prompt

Writing Prompt: You’ve discovered a planet, describe what you see.

The entire pod began to vibrate. Impossible bright flames covered the entire window, flashing between blue, white, and red. Despite the flame retardant design of the landing pod, the temperature inside began to rise. Lindsey could feel small droplets of sweat forming at the nape of her neck. She wiped her forehead, smearing moisture on her state-of-the-art suit.

Several billion dollars and ten years had been invested in this project and she was lucky to be a part of it. Her research had led to the discovery of this planet, but she only found out three years ago that she was going to be allowed on the voyage.

Her small team had been orbiting the planet for a month, sending down probes to check for life, and to see if the planet was habitable. All the results indicated that human life could survive, with only minor dietary adaptations. The pictures that the probes sent back were breathtaking. 

“Prepare for landing.” Siri’s voice came in over the coms. Lindsey’s excitement rose till she could hardly sit still, the only thing keeping her from trying to catch her first glimpse of Terrasim, was the five point harness pressing her legs and shoulders to her seat. 

“Landings are always my favorite.” Jex sat across from her, the left side of his face was covered in metal plating, the result of a pod crash three years back. “The way the pod shakes puts you on the edge of your seat and makes you feel like it might be the end. I find I never feel more alive than when I’m on the brink of death.”

Lindsey felt her stomach churn a little all the while imagining the pod coming to pieces all around her. Jex let out a loud bellow of laughter.

“Oh come on, I’m only joking!” He clutched his side he was laughing so hard. “You should see the look on your face!” 

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