Share your Story

Short stories are a perfect way to practice writing. They allow the author to focus on a single aspect of their writing to work on. Whether it's dialogue, character introduction, building settings, or writing an engaging hook, there are dozens of writing prompts fit your style of writing. 

In my writing group, each week, we would all use the same writing prompt and write a story 300-700 words. Then we would look over each others work to give specific feedback and I noticed huge improvement in my writing.

One of my favorite things about writing prompts is seeing how differently people think. I could hand the same prompt to 50 people and I'm going to get 50 unique stories. If you've participating in one of my weekly writing prompts I'd love to have you share it with me. 

Please indicate with your submission if you would like feedback (with a specific element in mind), are open to having me share it (with full credit given to you the author), or if it's just for my entertainment.

Thanks again and Happy Writing!