My family loves Harry Potter. My parents always bought the books whenever they came out. But with two adults and six kids one book just didn’t cut it. With the first couple of books it wasn’t a big deal, everyone was usually involved in their own series so we could pass that one around. Once we got to book four, everyone just started buying their own copies of the series.

One of my fondest memories with Harry Potter was when the seventh book came out. Our local library was having a Harry Potter night with all the festivities. Wand making, trivia contests, raffles, photo ops, the works. 

My whole family, a couple cousins, and a friend of mine all went. Both my brother-in-law and I were drawn from the raffle to win books. My cousin won a book through the trivia contest. I think someone else won a book, and several of my sisters bought a copy. 

We also did a Potter Puppet Pal skit. Sadly, we don’t have a recording of us doing it. But here’s the one we did. I was Ron!

That next day, my ENTIRE family was sitting in the living room reading Harry Potter. I was going back through the series and was only on book five. But if I recall, there were seven or eight copies of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows being read. Zero talking. It was the absolute best moment.

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