I want to put a plug in here, I listened to the books, so if you read them, please forgive my spelling. The story of Lindon and Yerin continues as they flee sacred valley and come to a camp of the five factions, filled with hostile golds. They integrate themselves with a faction, but find themselves the center of attention among several of the leaders.
The leaders of the factions are pursuing a weapon of untold power hidden within the confines of a pyramid that draws Madra from miles around.
Lindon advances along his path of twin stars and discovers things about himself he’d only dreamed were possible.

With the first book I really wasn’t sure how I felt about the story as a whole. So many new cultural and magical styles were introduced that I found it somewhat difficult to follow (I blame myself, not the writing). This book was much easier, I’m sure because it wasn’t new but because it build on what was already introduced.

I really enjoyed the new characters that were introduced. The author does a great job keeping characters true to themselves throughout the story. Their ideals, personalities, and identities are consistent and unchanging. The way they act and interact feels realistic and rational.

The one flaw I see within the story has to do with how drastically different in strength and ability the tiered levels of evolution are supposed to be. It’s not a big thing, but it does make some of the actions of the main character feel a little ridiculous. On the other hand of that coin, I do feel that the way the author has him overcome the differences in strength and ability between Lindon and other characters, don’t feel too stretched or farfetched. Lindon is a crafty, resilient, and driven individual who has always been weaker than others.

Overall I recommend this story, it’s not a top story in my book, but I’m really enjoying the writing style and story line. I plan to continue listening. I would probably give it more of a 3.5* instead of a flat 3*.

If you’re wondering why I didn’t give it a higher rating if I liked it so much, I came across a TikTok where a girl gave a recommended standardizing of stars and I loved it. I have more about that on my blog.

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