Christmas Writing Prompt

Tis the season to be writing! I know I’m looking forward to all the writing I’m going to get done before the end of the year. I’ve been planning out some of my novel, both big picture and little picture so that I can hit the new year typing. I know it’s only a matter of time before I hit the creative wall and get stuck with my story. When that happens I like to look up writing prompts to give me a little distraction and inspiration.

Hopefully you are able to take a little time off to enjoy the holidays. Amid the hustle & bustle, family time, baking, and presents, try to squeeze in a little time to write. Not sure if you’ll have a bunch of time to work on your novel, here is a fun list of Christmas themed writing prompts.

Holiday Writing Prompts

  • You stayed awake all night to catch Santa Clause, when he slides down the chimney, he isn’t the jolly old fat guy you expected to see. 
  • You wake up on Christmas morning to find all the presents missing, all that’s left is a note.
  • Tucked up under the tree is a small gift. It says “To: (name) From: Grandpa. The thing is Grandpa has been dead for years. 
  • At the bottom of your stocking is a key to a safe deposit box. No one knows how it got there.
  • Someone’s kidnapped Santa’s reindeer, you have to find them and bring them back.
  • On Christmas eve and elf knocks on your window. “Santa needs your help.”
  • Every year Santa has managed to put presents under your tree, this year you made sure he can’t.
  • You wake up in the middle of the night, your roommates parents are sticking presents under the tree. You didn’t know they still believed in Santa
  • Your Christmas wish always come true. What do you wish for?
  • Come up with the magic system Santa uses to get around the world in one night.
  • Come up with the origin story for Santa Clause.
  • A Pandemic is sweeping the world, you trek to the North Pole to ask Santa to take the vaccine to everyone.

If you take on the holiday challenge and use one of these prompts send me your story, I love seeing what unique ideas people come up with and how they add their own special take. I’ll be sharing some of mine next week.

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