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Prompt: Write a one page story using these five words; Cactus, Cauldron, Rain Cloud, Octopus/Kraken, Cave.

As the sun fades from a glowing orb to a tiny sliver of light just peeking above the edge of the horizon, a full moon rises, casting its silver light on the rippling water of the ocean. Tugging on the tide of the ocean as the moon rises higher and higher in the night sky. Large, dark, rain clouds billow up from the east and roll across the sky until all the light from the moon is obscured. 

Although divided from the earth by the violent storm clouds, the pull of the moon is no weaker on the ocean, tugging at the water, causing a tremor through the sea. 

Hundreds of miles off the coast, down through the waves, miles below the surface lay a cave. Seemingly carved out of the side of the deepest trench by the hand of a god. 

Even without the clouds obscuring the moon, its light never reached this far under the water. Darkness threatened to crush anything that dare live so deep. Yet inside the cave was a light, flickering and tumbling, undulating like the waves around it. This cave was the home of Talokale, the bastard son of a Kraken and a human. Strange but true, for the Kraken was cursed long ago, forced to wear the shape of a man and walk on dry land one day of every year. He met a woman and forced himself upon her. 

She ended up giving birth to a monstrosity. The terrible child had the form of a human, while four large tentacles erupted from his back, terrifying all who laid eyes on him. 

From the day he was born he was abandoned to the sea, with no one to love him and care for him. He struggled and fought and eventually found his way to the cave where he now resides. 

Years ago a ship was sailing above his home when a violent storm capsized the ship. Talokale rescued a woman from the wreckage, brought her home to his cave and cast a spell on her so that she too could breathe underwater. At first terrified of her savior, Elenal learned to care for him and love him in a way no one had ever done before. They fell in love and she bore him a son. And this is where the story begins.

Night and day were no different in their home below the waves, but each night the family would gather around the cauldron and cook dinner together. While cursed with a hideous half-human, half-kraken form, Talokale was also gifted in magic. He was able to burn fire below the water, thus providing a source to cook food for his wife and child. 

The scent of roasting crab filled the cave as little Sked climbed up on his father’s knee.

“Story” chimed Sked, his father making a small adjustment to his son’s positioning on his lap.

“I suppose we have time for one story before dinner is ready.” Elenal looked over at the two of them from across the fire, a small smile forming on her lips. “When your mother first came to live with me she told me hundreds of wonderful stories from her childhood. This one is my absolute favorite.”

“Once upon a time there was a little cactus…”

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