Reflection in the water

Writing Prompt: You’re sitting by a pond. You lean over to touch the water and realize you have no reflection. It’s disappeared. It turns out you’ve accidentally become invisible

To be alone, is to be happy. People are a bother, a nuisance, a distraction. If I never had to spend time around people again, I would truly be happy. But that is only a dream. I couldn’t live without people, for without them how would I survive? 

These are the thoughts that wandered through my head as  I strolled through the woods near my home. My least favorite part of the day was having to go to the market for food. Even when  I go during the slow times there are too many people. I love being out here in the woods near my house. When I’m here I can believe I’m alone, invisible. The only person in the world. The trickle of the stream pulled me forward toward my destination. A small reed filled pond. The warm air 

I really don’t like this first run, I’m going to go a different route. 

There is something about water that is quite magical. Left to it’s own devices it can accomplish the most incredible things. Canyons can be worn through the hardest of stone and rock, it can morph itself to fill any shape, and it can wear stones perfectly flat and smooth, destroying each and every blemish the rock may possess. Tirad was obsessed with water. He would spend hours at the creek listening to water babble over the rocks. The gurgle of water splashing in on itself in a never ending cycle. To help him sleep at night he had a magical waterfall that would endlessly cycle water down a little water fall. His father had given it to him when he was barely old enough to walk. Even then, his father told him how the water soothed him when he wouldn’t sleep. 

Some of the most amazing magics that were performed were done by water mages, and in his heart of hearts, Tirad dreamed he might possess an inkling of magic. 

With the upcoming tests, Tirad was restless, and instead of soothing him, the running water seemed more a reflection of the nervousness he was feeling. He rolled up from the ground and wandered down the creek. Just ahead, the floor of the creek feel away, deepening and widening. The water, instead of tumbling and rushing, slowed down lazily. The ripples and splashed gave way to a calm, peaceful surface. This is what he needed now. Something calming. 

Next to the pond was a large flat stone. It jutted out over the water, casting a large shadow upon the pond. There were always fish flitting in and out of the stones shade, and Tirad often watched the fish, sometimes attempting to catch one, but more often just watching their smooth motions. Tirad sprawled out along the stone, crawling right up to the edge where he could have a perfect view. 

He reached down to tickle the water. As soon as his fingers brushed the water he gasped, bolting up right. Shaking his head he looked down over the ledge. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing, or what he wasn’t seeing. He couldn’t see himself. He splashed the water, thinking that perhaps a water sprite was playing some kind of trick on him. When the water calmed, he looked again, he still wasn’t there. 

He bolted off the stone and ran as fast as he could towards his house. 

“Da, Da!” 

His dad came rushing out of the house, “What is it Tirad?, Tirad? Where are you?” His dad’s eyes slid right over him.

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