This one was short and sweet. This is how I think. I look at a prompt/problem and think, “How can I give this a twist, or do something unexpected.”

Prompt: Your character is standing in front of a wall. How do they get over it? What’s on the other side?

Through The Wall

“Hurry up,” his friend whispered forcefully, “I can’t get caught again or I’ll be expelled for sure.” 

“Just give me a minute, it’s not as easy as you think.” 

Carefully Jairden laid his hand on the cold stone. He closed his eyes and breathed in deeply, focusing outward, taking in the rough ancient power of the stone, the light breeze as it drew his hair across his forehead, the grass bent and crunched beneath his shoes. He opened his eyes. No matter how many times he drew upon his affinity for the earth, seeing the whole world light up in this ethereal way took his breath away.

Connected to the magic of the world around him, he brought his hands together. In a smooth motion he drew his hands apart. The stone split apart in response to his touch, utterly obedient to his desire. He was a part of the stone, their bond connecting them so that their wills were one. He desired a door, so the wall desired to be a door. 

The split grew until it was just wide enough for the two of them to slip through. On the other side, he severed his connection to the magic and the stones flowed back together, until not a seam remained. 

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