Falling man

I started the year off strong. I was committed to hitting some big goals and I made the plans. But as it often does, life happened and my writing completely fell away. But thankfully, life isn’t over for me. I still have a lot of time to get things done.

To help other writers who find themselves in rut, I wrote a post giving 4 ideas to help keep their resolutions. As I expected, when I wrote it, it wasn’t just for other writers, but the same ideas work for me. 

While I haven’t been writing much, and by much I mean anything. There are two things that have kept my writing on my mind, and ultimately why I’m sitting here writing today. 

The Writing Lifeline 

First and foremost is that I’ve been reading books that have been on my to-read list for ages! I’m pretty sure I’ve started The Sword of Shannara at least a dozen times. I think I almost finished it once a long time ago. But for some reason, every time I would pick it up, I’d have a lot of stuff come up that would distract me and prevent me from diving into the book. 

It started out the same this time too. I would only read 4-5 pages at a time, maybe 20 on a longer read, when usually I read 40-50 pages at a time and 200+ on a longer stretch. Once I hit about the halfway mark I was completely sucked into the story and tore through it. 

I immediately started the ElfStones of Shannara, which I now realize the TV show Shannara Chronicles  is based on, and I finished that book in about a week. Now I’m well into the third book of the series, Wishsong of Shannara. I’ll be posting my review of them as a series in the next week or two once I wrap this one up. 

The second thing, and I can hardly give credit to myself, is my writing group, specifically my friend Garrett. After absolutely crushing his writing goal last summer and completing* his book, he’s been methodically working through his editing process. I get updates a couple times a week on his progress and every time he shares a little voice in my head whispers that I should be working on my own writing. 

There are fleeting moments where his progress makes me feel disappointed in my own lack of progress (Garrett, when you read this, don’t feel bad), but it has been a loud motivational voice encouraging me to get back on my computer and write.


This next week I’m planning to have a little fun working on my world map. I’ve been saving a lot of other authors’ maps, as well as how to create map links on my Pinterest and I can see how hugely beneficial it can be when I get to the story. 

All it takes is restarting. A few words here and there consistently and before I know it, I’ll be cranking through my story. 

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