Character Development

One of the best ways to improve character development is to write them in a way that readers can relate, is to put them in situations and see how they react.

Nothing from these exercises has to end up in the story, but they should act as a guide when your character is experiencing loss, excitement, frustration, eagerness, and trepidation. 

When a character is emotionally relatable, readers can transport themselves into those characters and experience the story in an exciting way. When readers relate to characters they won’t, nay, they can’t put the story down. Except for those few annoying interruptions like dinner, sleep, and school, but then they pick it right back up. 

Let’s be honest, one of the reasons people love Harry Potter is because of the characters J.K. Rowling created. She wrote them in ways that made, not allowed, but made people connect with them.

An entire generation grew up right alongside the characters and now there are theme parks, movies, video games, and everything in between. Readers see Harry and his ordinary life and wonder if they too might receive a letter telling them that they are special and full of magic. 

Character Development Writing Prompts

After all this time your character finds out their mentor has been deceiving them.

Your character decided to get a pet today.

They  received news that their family has passed away.

They learn that they are adopted.

Your character is at an event and they run into their enemy.

Their best friends turns out to…

After months of being in a coma, they wake up to find their abilities are gone.

Write a story from your characters childhood.

Your character finds themselves in a love triangle.

They lose a limb in a recent battle.

A street urchin decides to join your character.

They’ve been traveling without food and stumble upon a market.

If you tried out any of these exercises, please share them here, I love reading peoples creative takes on the same prompts. 

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