Christmas Writing Prompt

I pulled this from the 12 Christmas Themed Writing Prompts.

Writing Prompt: Tucked up under the tree is a small gift. It says “To: Danny  From: Grandpa. The thing is Grandpa has been dead for years

Wrapping paper lay strewn across the floor, ribbons and bows discarded from the presents they once decorated. The lights of the Christmas tree flickered from color to color, bathing the room in a glittering light. The Jordan’s loved Christmas more than any other holiday. Their mother would admit they might go a little overboard with the celebration, but to them, it was always worth it.

“Is that everything?” Danny’s mom asked looking at the piles of gifts at everyone’s feet.

“I’ll check!” Danny dove under the tree once more. Danny loved being the gift finder. Every year when it came time to pass out gifts, he volunteered. It was exciting to be the first one to heft everyone else’s gifts. He didn’t say so, but he always tried guessing what the present was as he handed them out. 

Towards the back of the tree, partially obscured by the skirting, Danny noticed a small box, no longer than his hand. He hadn’t noticed it during his last round of passing out gifts. In fact, he could have sworn it wasn’t there at all. He crawled the rest of the way under the tree, and pulled it out, the pine needles poking through his shirt as he back out. 

“This is the last one.” He said holding up the small brown present. No one gave any recognition of the present or gave him direction on who it was for. He gave it a small shake and felt something rattle inside. Curious, Danny turned the package looking to see who it might be from. 

“Umm dad, did you put this under the tree?”

“I don’t think so.” His dad looked over towards his mom, “did you put it under there?”

“No I didn’t, who’s it for Danny?” 

“It says it’s from Grandpa… and it’s for me.” Danny’s eyebrows furrowed as he  stare at the present.

“Here let me see,” his dad asked reaching for the present.

Danny handing it over to his dad and dropped down next to him on the couch. His dad turned the package over several times before pausing to look at the writing. His dad looked as confused as Danny felt. He had always been close with his grandfather. Grandpa Leopald lived just a few miles away and was always taking Danny with him on his business trips. But to have a present from him was a huge surprise. 

His dad didn’t talk much about Grandpa Leo these days. Ever since the funeral, he would get choked up talking about his dad. Grandpa Leo had died three years ago under strange circumstances. As his dad looked at the writing, Danny watched as his dad’s eyes clouded over and filled with moisture. 

His dad handed the gift back to Danny, “well, it says it’s for you, go ahead and open it. Let’s see what it is.” 

Slowly, Danny tore open the brown wrapping paper. The paper gave way easily, revealing a worn leather box held closed by a small clasp.

Nervously, Danny flipped open the clasp and opened the box. He pulled out a folding slip of paper, revealing a intricately carved ring. Danny didn’t think he had ever seen his grandpa wearing any kind of jewelry as long as he could remember. Not even a watch. He set the box down and unfolded the note.


I know you have questions. I don’t have time to answer them all, in fact, I don’t have much time left at all. Wear the ring and everything will start to make sense. Know that I always loved you and I didn’t mean for things to happen this way.

– Grandpa Leo

Danny slipped the ring out of the box and put it on his finger. Surprisingly, the ring was a perfect fit. The ring grew warm and began to glow. As the light from the ring grew, the room around him faded away. 

“Hello Danny, I’ve been waiting for you.”…

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